Church Staff

The fact is, our Elevation community is led by a large number of gifted people who generously give of their time and abilities to serve the church. At the same time, we’re often asked about who is actually on “Staff,” so here are some names and faces to help you out:

Helen Kroeker, Community Life and Young Adults

Helen is affectionately referred to as our ‘office guru’ where she is the primary contact person in our office and a source of practical assistance and encouragement for people in our church community. She also prepares the program each week, but isn’t keen on having minor typos pointed out…just so you know.

Sharon Leage, Children and Families

Sharon’s passion for helping our youngest members grow in faith is expressed in her leadership of our Kids’ Quest program, where she works with parents and teachers to create an inspiring environment on Sunday mornings. She is also British, so if you like accents, just ask her a question.

Brandon Malo, Lead Pastor

Brandon provides spiritual leadership and visionary direction for the church. He is the primary teacher on Sunday mornings and also connects pastorally with members of our congregation, guides the Staff, and chairs the Steering Committee. And since he wrote these staff bios, he doesn’t get a witty comment.

Melissa Burke, Worship and Pastoral Care

Melissa provides thoughtful and passionate leadership to a number of teams who work together to create a spiritually stimulating atmosphere for our Sunday morning gatherings. She also guides the Pastoral Care Team and makes herself available for one-on-one care and support for our Elevation community. She’s new – so be nice to her!

Graham Watson, Youth and Spiritual Formation

Graham is the fearless leader of our growing Youth group. Every week, he works with a fabulous team of leaders to create a positive environment where our Youth can gather, build friendships, and grow in faith. Graham recently completed his Masters of Theological Studies at Conrad Grebel. Some people think he looks tired, but don’t worry, he’s not.

Steering Committee

In addition to our Staff team, Elevation is led by a Steering Committee, which is also known as our Board of Directors. The current members of this senior leadership team are: Trevor Shantz, Melissa Malo, Karl Gingerich, Chad Lebold, Phil Thompson, and Susan Fish, with Brandon Malo serving as Chair.

Information about our Steering Committee’s structure and governance can be found here:

Steering Committee Structure and Governance – January 2018