Pastoral Team

A large number of gifted people give generously of their time and abilities to help make Elevation the community it is. In addition, a small group of us work together as part of a Pastoral Team, sharing leadership for the church in a number of significant ways:

  • praying together for the health and growth of the church
  • discerning God’s direction for our church’s future
  • engaging in high-level conversations about vision and values
  • working together to fulfill the mission of the church
  • collaborating on overarching projects and initiatives

Each member of the Pastoral Team has a specific portfolio with corresponding areas of responsibility. Here are some names and faces to help you out:

Helen Kroeker, Care and Connection

Helen is the primary contact person in our office and is most likely the one who will help you find your way into our Elevation community. She provides care and encouragement for people and contributes to the spiritual vitality of our community in diverse ways.

Melodie Sherk, Youth

Melodie provides leadership to the youngest members of our Elevation community, including our Kids’ Quest programs and Youth ministry. She has been a Youth leader in the church for the past couple of years and we’re excited to have her in this new and expanded role.

Melissa Burke, Worship, Justice, and Community

Melissa provides leadership to a number of teams who work together to create a spiritually stimulating atmosphere for our Sunday morning gatherings. She also invests in the health and growth of our church and local community in a number of different ways. Melissa is currently helping us move toward becoming a more diverse community and we’re looking forward to seeing where this leads us.

Support Staff

In addition to our pastoral team, we have a support team to help with various aspects of the running of the church.

Carl Leisegang, Digital Media

Carl has taken over from Connor to continue the overseeing all things digital, including social media, communications, and virtual community.

Steering Committee

In addition to our Staff team, Elevation is led by a Steering Committee, which is also known as our Board of Directors. The current members of this senior leadership team are: Chad Lebold, Brenda Prins, Susie Cochran, Annette Rossel and Christian Malleck, with Eli Gingerich serving as Chair.

To contact the Steering Committee, please send an email to

More information about our Steering Committee’s structure and governance can be found here:

Steering Committee Structure and Governance – January 2021